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Kustom Sammy is an award winning airbrush artist, based in Cheltenham with a reputation for eye popping imagery and a rare ability to see an image or portrait and give it her creative imagination and turn it into a design that turns heads. This is why customers keep coming back to get work done by Kustom Sammy and this is also why she uses the name Kustom. 


Sammy's passion for art started at Chosen Hill school Churchdown where she wowed staff and pupils with the work that she was producing and excelled at A-level Art. From there Sammy went on to study art at Stroud College and then on to Swansea studying Art and Design. Sammy's first business was painting family and pet portraits. This is something that Sammy is still able to offer.


In 2003 Sammy walked into Born to be Wild, an airbrush studio near Cheltenham and impressed the owners with her artistic ability and she started an apprenticeship and pretty soon became well known for her custom artwork on vehicles at Born to be Wild,

In 2009 Sammy and  Jon Tooze set up Reborn to Be Wild, and took the local and national VW and bike societies by storm. Sammy already the fine art background, and now she had the time and work environment to master her tools and her medium as she had don countless time since picking up art materials and wowing the staff at school.

Since those early days Sammy's work (which can be seen here).has won awards all over the country and into Europe, and also gained her comment and notoriaty from international artists like Horny Mike. In recent years Sammy has done custom work for Ruroc on helmets for Actor Tom Hardy, Actor Will Smith, Actor and director Simon Pegg and football legend Ian Wright.


2022 is a new chapter and it  will see Kustom Sammy branching out into commissions of all kinds from murals to portraits well as some exciting work on bikes and VW's. Over the coming months you will see work from Sammy which will expand on new sytles,  technics and applications that haven't been used anywhere before.

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